John Templeton Foundation: Core Funding Areas (Online Funding Inquiry Form)

שם: John Templeton Foundation: Core Funding Areas (Online Funding Inquiry Form)
תאריך הגשה: 31/08/17
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** Science & the Big Questions:
- Mathematical & Physical Sciences: Foundational questions in mathematics or that seek a deeper understanding of the nature of reality within the realm of physics, cosmology, astronomy, chemistry, or other physical sciences. Projects that are unlikely to be supported by conventional funding sources are especially encouraged.
- Life Sciences: Projects investigating the evolution and fundamental nature of life, human life, and mind, especially as they relate to issues of meaning and purpose. Projects are welcome from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including the biological sciences, neuroscience, archeology, and paleontology.
- Human Sciences: Projects that apply the tools of anthropology, sociology, political science, and psychology to the various moral and spiritual concepts as altruism, creativity, free will, generosity, gratitude, intellect, love, prayer, and purpose.
- Philosophy & Theology: Projects that attempt to develop new philosophical and theological insights, especially (but not only) in relation to advances in scientific understanding.
- Science in Dialogue: Projects that bring one or more scientific disciplines into a mutually enriching discussion with theology and/or philosophy, whether for a scholarly audience or the public at large.
** Character Virtue Development
** Individual Freedom & Free Markets: Research intended to liberate the initiative of individuals and nations and to establish the necessary conditions for the success of profit-making enterprise
** Exceptional Cognitive Talent and Genius: Support for young people who demonstrate exceptional talent in mathematics and science
Funding: Small (up to $217,400) and Large Grants.



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תקציב: up to $217,400 (Deadline for larger grants-Aug.31), up to 3 years
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