The Brain Tumor Charity: Quality of Life Awards

שם: The Brain Tumor Charity: Quality of Life Awards
תאריך הגשה: 01/09/17
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Seeking applications that increase our understanding of quality of life. The project can focus on any part of the patient pathway from diagnosis to remission and survivorship, or end of life care. Applications could include but is not limited to: Symptom management, Treatment side effects, Cognitive impairments, Emotional and mental health, Survivorship issues, Communication and social isolation, Relationships. Funding: up to £300,000 for up to three years. The Principal Applicant does not need to be based in the UK but the research has to be relevant to the UK landscape

מקור: זר
תקציב: £300,000
מס' שנים למחקר: 3
איש קשר: Robi, 2152,; iris 1769,
תחומים: מדעי החיים ורפואה
סוג הקרן: הקרן אינה קרן תחרותית.
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