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The Alpha-1 Foundation is a not-for-profit Florida corporation founded in 1995 by John Walsh, Susan Stanley and Sandy Lindsey, three individuals diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (AAT Deficiency or Alpha-1). The Foundation is dedicated to providing the leadership and resources that will result in increased research, improved health, worldwide detection, and a cure for Alpha-1. The majority of the Board of Directors are either diagnosed with Alpha-1 or have a family member diagnosed with Alpha-1.

The Foundation has realized continuous growth since its inception and has developed a solid infrastructure to promote research and the development of new therapies for improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with AAT Deficiency. It has fostered collaborations with investigators throughout the United States and Europe, working closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), individuals affected with AAT Deficiency, and the pharmaceutical industry to expedite the development of improved therapies, including aerosol delivery for augmentation therapy.

The Alpha-1 Foundation participates in industry and government liaison groups and participates in strategic alliances with government, industry and other national and international health and research organizations.

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Alpha-1 Foundation
2937 SW 27th Avenue
Suite 302
Miami, Florida 33133

Phone: 305-567-9888
Toll Free: 877-228-7321
Fax: 305-567-1317

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