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The goals of the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund are:

  1. To support fundamental research in the petroleum and energy fields
  2. To develop the next generation of engineers and scientists through support of advanced scientific education

The New Directions Grants Program aims to stimulate a new direction of research for established faculty, and to support the careers of their student scientists and engineers.

פרטי קשר:

Program Managers

  • Dr. Ronald E. Siatkowski, Director, Polymer Science; telephone: 202-872-6091, email:
  • Dr. Dean Dunn, Assistant Director, Geology, Geochemistry/Geophysics, and Chemical and Petroleum Engineering; telephone: 202-872-4083, email:
  • Dr. Burtrand I. Lee, Surface Science and Materials Science; telephone 202-872-6254, email:
  • Dr. Askar Fahr, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Organic Chemistry, and Chemical Physics; telephone: 202-872-6207, email:

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