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Mission Statement

The mission of the Cystinosis Research Foundation is two-fold and focused: to support bench and clinical cystinosis research for better treatments and find a cure for cystinosis.


The Cystinosis Research Foundation is dedicated to finding better treatments to improve the quality of life for those with cystinosis and to ultimately find a cure for this devastating disease.

Through our aggressively funded research agenda, the Cystinosis Research Foundation issues grants for bench and clinical research studies bi-annually in order to accelerate research progress and ensure that cystinosis research is on-going and focused on novel treatments and a cure.


The Cystinosis Research Foundation is dedicated to educating the public and the medical community about cystinosis to ensure early diagnosis and proper treatment.

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Cystinosis Research Foundation
18802 Bardeen Avenue
Irvine, CA 92612

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