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The Gairdner Foundation was created in 1957 by James Arthur Gairdner to recognize and reward the achievements of medical researchers whose work contributes significantly to improving the quality of human life. Since the first awards were made in 1959, the Gairdner Awards have become Canada's foremost international award. They hold up the pinnacle of achievement as a mirror to Canadians, and in so doing, play a role in helping Canada achieve its goals of excellence.

The Gairdner Foundation is proud of its 50 year history of awarding the world's most creative and accomplished biomedical scientists. The Awards recognize scientific discoveries from every field of bioscience. We are also proud of the Canada Gairdner Wightman Award, which identifies for particular recognition, Canadian leaders in medical science.

Our core mandate is to select the annual Canada Gairdner International Awardees. Over the past 50 years, the Foundation has gained a superb international reputation, for recognizing and rewarding early the work of the world's leading scientists. An external measure of their stature is the fact that of the 298 individuals from 13 countries, including 42 Canadians, who have received Gairdner Awards, 79 have subsequently gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

Scientists worldwide recognize the Gairdner International Awards rigorous, two-part, arms' length selection process.  The Medical Review Panel (MRP) composed of leading mid-career scientists from across Canada, reviews all nominations. Their recommendations are passed to the second stage, Medical Advisory Board (MAB), composed of 20 senior scientists from across Canada, and around the world. All adjudication is done on a voluntary basis, for which we are extremely grateful. The awardees are chosen by secret ballot of the MAB every year.

The second mandate of the Gairdner Foundation is to increase awareness of the value of health research, share the vision of excellence represented by the winners, and build the culture of science in Canada. The Gairdner National Program, established 15 years ago, which takes place in 16-18 academic centres across the country, is unique in the world of awards. Current and past Gairdner awardees travel across the country, from St. John's to Vancouver, to present their work and meet with biomedical researchers, faculty, postgraduate and graduate students, medical students, senior high school/CEGEP students and the public. In addition, a free Public Lecture is given in several cities each year. The Gairdner National Program has become a week-long celebration of science excellence across Canada.

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