The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

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Founded in 1857, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters is a non-govern­mental, nationwide, and interdisciplinary body which embraces all fields of learn­ing. The main purpose of the Academy is the advancement of science and scholar­ship in Norway. It provides a national forum of communication within and between the various learned disciplines, and it represents Norwegian science vis-á-vis foreign academies and international organizations.

The Academy fulfills these functions by ini­tiating and supporting research projects, by organizing meetings and seminars on topics of current interest, by publishing scientific and scholarly works, and by par­ticipating in and nominating representa­tives to various national and international scientific bodies.

פרטי קשר:

General and public queries to the Kavli Prizes, including questions about the nominating process, should be directed to:

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Drammensveien 78 0271 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 22 12 10 90


Media in need of information about the Kavli Prizes may contact:

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Anne-Marie Astad, Senior Information Adviser
Telephone: 011-47-22-12-10-92

The Kavli Foundation
James Cohen, Director of Communications and Public Outreach
Telephone: 805-278-7495

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