Israel Institute

פרופילי מימון

פתוח לחברי סגל הטכניון בלבד. אנא התחבר\י כדי לצפות בפרופילי המימון של הקרן (בפינה הימנית העליונה).

The Israel Institute works in partnership with leading academic, research and cultural institutions to enhance knowledge and study of modern Israel in the United States and around the world. Founded in 2012 as an independent, nonpartisan organization based in Washington, DC, the Institute supports scholarship, research and exchanges to build a multi-faceted field of Israel Studies and expand.opportunities to explore the diversity and complexity of contemporary Israel.

Israel is a small country with a brief history as a modern state, but it offers unusual richness as a field of study across a wide range of academic disciplines. The study of modern Israel is relevant to history, political science, international relations, economics, anthropology, archeology, art and comparative literature, and is closely related to Jewish and Middle Eastern Studies. In addition, modern Israel is an important cultural, scientific and technological hub, a close ally of the U.S., and a focal point of much interest from around the world.

The Israel Institute promotes scholarship across these diverse areas, undertaking educational initiatives and programmatic activities that inspire, promote and support the study of modern Israel at universities, research institutes, think tanks and cultural organizations. In addition, the Institute supports and enhances the reach and impact of affiliated organizations whose work is aligned with its mission. Across all of its efforts, the Israel Institute catalyzes and promotes exemplary teaching, scholarship, research and public education that promise to generate a more informed, sophisticated and multi-faceted understanding of Israel, in the United States and the broader global community.

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