Meningitis Research Foundation

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Fundraises to support research into the prevention, detection and treatment of the diseases and to share knowledge gained by research so everyone can benefit
Campaigns to ensure no one suffers from a vaccine preventable disease – taking our cause to the people who make decisions about health care
Actively promotes knowledge by freely distributing leaflets and posters to the public and health professionals in print and online
Works with experts and health professionals to develop and publicise guidelines to improve treatment
Helps clinics in (parts of) Malawi to implement a triage system.
Assists with a helpline operated by trained nurses and staff 365 days a year
Supports those already affected – the individuals and families who have lost loved ones or have been left managing disability
Hosts a major meningitis and septicaemia conference every two years with the world’s leading specialist scientists and medics attending
Runs the UK and Ireland’s annual Meningitis Awareness Week in September

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England & Wales
Tel 01454 281811
Fax 01454 281094
Meningitis Research Foundation
Midland Way
BS35 2BS

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