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פתוח לחברי סגל הטכניון בלבד. אנא התחבר\י כדי לצפות בפרופילי המימון של הקרן (בפינה הימנית העליונה).

Instruct is part of the Biological and Medical Sciences (BMS) projects on the ESFRI roadmap (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures). Instruct is the dynamic hub of structural biology providing an integrated infrastructure of cutting-edge technology, scientific expertise and pioneering training.

The fostering of truly integrated structural biologists with access to the most advanced technology available will help make Europe the leading force in structural biology. Researchers working from small groups or institutes will be able to take on bigger scientific challenges thanks to Instruct. The new areas of research opened by integration and collaboration will generate scientific breakthroughs. We also believe that promoting high-impact research will attract the best scientists to Europe.

We believe that we can raise the standard of scientific work by making integrated approaches to science more accessible. Structural biology is not the only field that requires investment in expensive technology infrastructures and risks developing researchers with specialist but overly narrow skills. We know more integrated approaches can deliver significant advances in structural biology. The same should be true in a wide range of sciences.

Fragmentation of research inhibits Europe’s potential for innovation, makes investment less effective, and reduces our ability to solve problems such as ageing populations, pandemics and climate change. Part of the solution is the establishment of the European Research Area. This will foster greater cooperation and collaboration across European Union member states and encourage the region’s sustainable development and competitiveness. Instruct is one of the biomedical sciences projects that contributes to making the European Research Area a reality.

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