The Branco Weiss Fellowship

פרופילי מימון

פתוח לחברי סגל הטכניון בלבד. אנא התחבר\י כדי לצפות בפרופילי המימון של הקרן (בפינה הימנית העליונה).

Through scientific advancements an array of economic, social, political and cultural changes are provoked and facilitated. Likewise, social processes and values impact the evolution of science and technology. The goal of this fellowship is to facilitate the new opportunities made available by science and technology and the social and cultural dimensions that these changes ignite.

The fellowship is designed for postdocs at home in physical sciences, engineering and social sciences who are willing to move between different social and scientific contexts.

פרטי קשר:

Location Enquiries

ETH Zurich Katharina Poiger Phone +41 44 632 2606
Rämistrasse 101 Kathrin Ringger Phone +41 44 632 8146
CH-8092 Zurich


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