U.S. DOD/CDMRP: Breast Cancer Research Program– Pre-application

Name: U.S. DOD/CDMRP: Breast Cancer Research Program– Pre-application
Application deadline: 29/09/17
General description:

*Innovator Award - Novel, high-risk ideas that will accelerate progress toward ending breast cancer. Experience in breast cancer not required. Funding: $5M for 4 years.

*Breakthrough Award (Levels 3, 4) - Supports research with potential for breakthroughs in breast cancer. Clinical trials are allowed. Funding: $2.5 to $10M over 4 years.

*Distinguished Investigator Award - Supports established visionary leaders with innovative ideas towards ending breast cancer, representing shift from PI track record of research. Funding: up to $3M for 4 years.


Source: Foreign
Budget: Funding ranges from $2.5M to $10M over 4 years.
Number of research years: 4
Contact person: Robi- 2152, roberg@trdf.technion.ac.il; Michal - 1745, michall@trdf.technion.ac.il
Fields: Life Sciences and medicine
Type of fund: The fund is not a competitive fund
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