Name Role Email Phone number
Rita Bruckstein Director, Research Authority 04-8292570/6
Manu Medalsi, CPA Head, R&D Administration 04-8292576
David Shem Tov Head of Unit - Research Promotion unit 077-8875501
Efrat Avigosh Cohen Laboratory Pricing 077-8871581
Yifat Avraham Administrative Assistant 04-8292570/6
Naama Asher - Dahan Research Promotion unit 077-8871473
Irit Itkin Research Promotion unit 077-8871474
Rivi Eitan ICT Coordinator 04-8294230
Roza Alhazov European Union Research Coordinator 077-8875543
Shiran Arbeli, CPA Research Coordinator - Magnet 077-8871752
Shira Ben Yair European Union Research Coordinator 077-8875191
Noam Brown Research Promotion unit 077-8871475
Iris Brodkin Pre Award Support 077-8871769
Maayan Barak European Union Research Coordinator 077-8873514
Robi Guttman Pre Award Support 04-8292152; 052-3236874
Dikla Gina, CPA Research Coordinator - Magnet 04-8295605
Klara Grosbart European Union Research Coordinator 04-8295034
Rivka Greenberg Research Coordinator

US Government Grants 04-8292354
Nisana Gross Research Coordinator - Magnet 04-8295127
Davidov Pnina Research Coordinator - Magnet 077-887-1752
Davison Mark Research Promotion unit 077-8874854
Elisheva Dvir Research Promotion unit 077-8871474
Inna Kogan Research Promotion unit 077-88711430
Marta Depczynska ERC and Marie Curie Research Coordinator 04-8292744
Katia Datsenko European Union Research Coordinator 04-8295067
Zila Dror Bookkeeping & Suppliers 04-8292568
Meital Horowitz Administrative Assistant, Orders 04-8292570/6
Sharona Hendel Overseas Travel, Visitors, and Suppliers 04-8291751
Adv. Nili Weizman Legal Counsel 04-8293433
Yelena Vikterov European Union Team 077-8872402
Ekaterina Vassiliev, CPA Economist 04-8293099
Hadas Levi Bookkeeping & Suppliers 04-8294246
Michal Landau Departmental Research Coordinator, student-worker 077-8871498
Eli Mor Accountant 04-8294835
Milena Mirkis Research Promotion unit 077-8873097
Vladislav Nosov Research Coordinator

Mechanical Engineering
Biology 04-8294836
Adi Zarur Administrative Assistant, Research Budget Initiation 077-887-2524/2570
Tal Haham Research Coordinator

Chemistry 077-8871580
Rebecca Khalandovsky EC Proposal Preparation Consultant 077-8871477
Gili Harlaf Hekman Lawyer 077-8871787
Natalia Efremov Bookkeeping & Suppliers 077-8871426
Kabiri Nurit, CPA Research Coordinator - Magnet 077-8875985
Tal Cohen Research Coordinator

Faculty of Electrical Eng.
Industrial Eng. and Management 04-8292061
Michal Lotem Pre Award Support 077-8871745
Rimon Levin Scientific reports and sabbatical coordinator 04-8292570
Iris Lam Haluf Administrative Services Coordinator 04-8292576
Avital Mayer European Union Team
Inbal Barlia European Union Team 0778871478
Lital Shternberg European Union Team 0778874107
Ailie Marx, Ph.D. Proposal Consultant 077-8871476
Miri Postol-Maltz Research Coordinator

Material Eng.
Chemical Eng.
Procedures 04-8293874
Michal Pascal, Adv. Lawyer 077-8871789
Hanna Zuri Award Contracts Coordinator 04-8293543
Igor Koifman Research Coordinator

Faculty of Computer Science 04-8293160
Linor Kuchierski European Union Team 077-8871910
keren Hassid European Union Team 077-8872402
Uri Keysar Research Coordinator

Food Eng. & Biotechnology
Agricultural Eng.
Russell Berrie for Nanotechnology Institute
Intelligence Research 04-8293513
Negina Kalugin Research Coordinator

Civil and Enviromental Eng.
Water Institute

Transportation Research Institute 04-8295848
Yael Rabinovitz Research Coordinator

Computer Science
Chemistry 04-8295690
Anat Rave Research Coordinator

Faculty Of Medicine 04-8292915
Rimona Shechter, CPA Research Coordination

Solidly State
Science Education
New Immigrant Scientists 04-8292876
Adv. Shulchani David Legal Counsel 077-8871708
Shental Keren 077-8873099
Moran Shaked Defense Contract and Collection Coordinator 04-8292570/6